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Dr Ravn's Home Vet Care

House Call Veterinarian

Dr Ravn's Home Vet Care is a house call veterinary service in San Fransisco and the peninsula providing veterinary care to your furry loved ones in the comfort of your home.

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About Me

I grew up in both Southern California and in Norway. We always had a variety of animals in our home. From a young age I knew I wanted to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. 


While competing for their women's NCAA basketball team, I earned my Bachelor's degree in Animal Science at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2007. 

I returned to Europe for vet school, and was awarded my veterinary degree in the United Kingdom at the University of Bristol in 2013. The first two years of my young vet career I spent working with small animals in Cardiff, Wales. 

In 2015 I moved back to my home state of California and started working in San Francisco and the surrounding area.

After witnessing the wonders of acupuncture and alternative medicine in practice, I completed the Small Animal Acupuncture course in June 2019 at the Chi Institute in Reddick, Florida. 

I am passionate about providing the highest level of care for all my patients in a compassionate, stress-free manner, and with a few years of house calls under my belt, I have realized there is a significant need for palliative and hospice expertise in veterinary medicine. With our pets living longer due to the advances of modern day veterinary medicine, it is important we ensure our pets needs are met as they enter their senior and geriatric years.  In the hope of being able to provide more detailed and high quality care of my patients, over the past year I have trained with the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care (IAAHPC), and have become certified in veterinary palliative and hospice care.


I hold a number of animals very close to my heart. It is with the heaviest of hearts I have to let everyone know that I had to lay my special, wonderful dog, Mia, to rest in July 2023. She was my heart dog, and is greatly missed. 

About me
How a Housecall Works

How a Housecall Works

A housecall visit enables us to reduce fear/stress  of our furry loved ones by performing the exam and treatments in the home-setting. This also enables Dr Ravn to assess your pet in their natural environment. We ask for a 15 minute grace period from the start of the appointment as traffic can be unpredictable. Dr Ravn will text ahead of time if running behind and to give a rough arrival time. 
How Does a Visit Work?

If you feel comfortable with it, Dr Ravn will enter your home to perform your pet's exam and treatments.

Alternatively, dogs can be examined outside. Unfortunately due to concern for escape, it is best if cats are examined indoors.

How to Prepare for a Visit

Cats: It is advised to put your cat in a small room such as a bathroom, or in a carrier shortly before the appointment time to allow easy access to them.

Dogs: It is advised to have a collar/harness on them at the time of visit to enable Dr Ravn to examine them more readily.

COVID-19 Preparations

Dr Ravn and staff are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and will be masked at all times during the appointment. It would be appreciated if clients were also masked if the appointment is performed indoors per the CDC's recommendations. 

A Little More Information
Area of Service

Dr Ravn provides service to San Francisco and the north Peninsula. Unfortunately, Dr Ravn is not able to provide care across bridges or areas south of Menlo Park. 

***As of 4/1/2023 Dr Ravn will not be taking new clients in San Francisco north of the Outer Sunset, Forest Hill, Diamond Heights and Bernal Heights***

Hours of Service

Mondays: 9-5 

Tuesdays: 9-5 

Wednesdays: 9-5

Thursdays: 9-5

Fridays: 10:30-3

Saturdays: the 1st Saturday of the month 9-3

Hours & Area of Service

Veterinary Services Offered

Acceptable forms of Payment:

Cash, check, Zelle, Venmo, and at request credit card for a small fee

House Call + Exam

  • $195 for within 20 miles of Brisbane, $245 for 20-30 miles of Brisbane

  • Additional pet exam $90

  • Palliative care exam $250

Diagnostics + Treatments:


  • Fluorescein eye stain to check for corneal ulcers $30

  • Schirmer Tear Test to check for dry eye $35

Diagnostics + Treatments:


  • Ear cytology $70

  • Ear clean $40

  • Leave-in ear treatment: $50/ear

  • Foxtail removal $85

Diagnostics + Treatments:


  • Cytology or skin scrape $70

  • Fine needle aspirate and baseline cytology $85

  • Nail trim $35

  • Anal gland expression $35

  • Clip matted fur $30-50

Vaccines and injections : Dog

  • DHPP, Rabies, Leptospirosis, Bordetella $40 each

  • Canine Influenza $55

  • Cytopoint - price varies depending on weight of the dog

  • Adequan - price varies depending on weight of the dog

Vaccines: Cat

  • FVRCP, Rabies, FeLV $52 each

  • Solensia - $75 for cats <15lbs, $115 for cats >15lbs


  • Aqua-acupuncture with B12 or saline single treatment $195

  • Electro-acupuncture treatment $225

  • Dry needle acupuncture treatment $195

  • Cold laser therapy - cost depends on location(s) and duration of treatment



  • Heartworm and tick-borne disease screen $75

  • Basic CBC, chem 25 $255

  • Comprehensive Senior Screen: CBC, chem 25, TT4, UA +/- UPC $320-340

  • Urinalysis $95, Urinalysis and culture $265

Health Certificate for Travel

  • International Certificate (doesn't require FAVN or other testing) $200

  • Internations/HI Certificate which requires diagnostic testing $321

    • **A FedEx pre-shipping label charge will be applied to those health certificates which need USDA endorsement**​

  • Domestic health certificate $95

**This charge is in addition to a housecall fee**



End of Life Care

  • Euthanasia $445 for cats and dogs under 40lbs

  • Euthanasia $495 for dogs above 40lbs

  • Euthanasia out of hours $550 for <40lbs, $575 for >40lbs

    • **The out of hours fee will be applied to an appointment that is scheduled outside of Dr Ravn's regular business hours**​

  • Communal cremation starting at $150-300 (depending on weight)

  • Private cremation with ashes returned $250-$400 depending on weight

**Prices are subject to change**

Cancellation Policy:

If an appointment is cancelled fewer than 24 hours before the appointment, a cancellation fee of $90 will be charged. 

Prescription Policy:

Dr Ravn and staff do not call pharmacies to fill prescriptions, and do not approve prescriptions online. Dr Ravn will provide a written prescription which can be used to fill medications at your desired pharmacy.

Prescription Refills
Prescription Refill Form
Please fill out this form to request a prescription from Dr Ravn

Thank youf or submitting a prescription request!

​Out of Hours/Emergency

Out of Hours/Emergency

If you are worried about your pet and this is an emergency I would recommend contacting one of your local emergency facilities for treatment. 


24 hour emergency and specialty center

600 Alabama St

San Francisco, 94110

tel. (415) 566-0540


24 hour emergency and specialty center

934 Charter St

Redwood City, 94063

tel. (650) 417-7243

Appoinment Request
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